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BOA: Closes account and charges a fee to do so..

Posted: April 16th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Uncategorized | 3 Comments »

sisigman writes:


I recently decided to avail of the $50 promo by BoA (in mission viejo, california), where if you open a new savings account (apply for an ATM card), theyll give you a $50. Sounded sweet. So I signed and all, and was required to deposit $125 before they could process my request (60 business days). 3 days after my application, I received a letter from BoA (Texas!) informing me that they decided to close my account because of risks their company found out about me. Then they provided a number I can call to ask questions — it’s their so-called “Risk Identification Division.”

So I called. They told me that the company does have the choice to close my account whenever they want. So I asked on what grounds they decided to close my account. They just told me the company found a risk. So I asked what that risk is. Then they said it’s something their department can’t disclose specifically. Worse, they even informed me I can NEVER in my life open a BoA account, anywhere in the US, as if I’m a bigtime criminal or something. WHAT THE FUCK?

Then they said they’ll just return my money. So, fine, I thought. At least I’ll have my money back.

So I waited. And here arrives a check worth $65 only… SHIT! I deposited $125 and they’re returning only $65? I called this Risk shit department again and asked how come. They told me the other $60 was sucked out of my deposit for that “Research Fee” for that mysterious research they did on me resulting in them closing my account — which I never had an idea of! Do they even have a right to charge me for something I wasn’t informed about? I didn’t ask to be researched on.


Aside from failing to open a BoA account, they snatched $60 from me, wherein I should be getting $50 from their promo. In conclusion, I got nothing good out of Bank of America.


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