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Bailed-Out Banks Face Probe Over Fee Hikes

Posted: April 13th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Uncategorized | 2 Comments »

Bank of America is up to it again.  They really appericate your help America. They are rewarding you with higher interest rates! Up to double for some. If it isn’t enough that they lost their our money with bad business and are using tax payers money to to bail themselfs out, now they are making you pay again. Read more at the Wall Street Journal.

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2 Comments on “Bailed-Out Banks Face Probe Over Fee Hikes”

  1. 1 sisigman said at 3:12 pm on April 16th, 2009:


    I recently decided to avail of the $50 promo by BoA (in mission viejo, california), where if you open a new savings account (apply for an ATM card), theyll give you a $50. Sounded sweet. So I signed and all, and was required to deposit $125 before they could process my request (60 business days). 3 days after my application, I received a letter from BoA (Texas!) informing me that they decided to close my account because of risks their company found out about me. Then they provided a number I can call to ask questions — it’s their so-called “Risk Identification Division.”

    So I called. They told me that the company does have the choice to close my account whenever they want. So I asked on what grounds they decided to close my account. They just told me the company found a risk. So I asked what that risk is. Then they said it’s something their department can’t disclose specifically. Worse, they even informed me I can NEVER in my life open a BoA account, anywhere in the US, as if I’m a bigtime criminal or something. WHAT THE FUCK?

    Then they said they’ll just return my money. So, fine, I thought. At least I’ll have my money back.

    So I waited. And here arrives a check worth $65 only… SHIT! I deposited $125 and they’re returning only $65? I called this Risk shit department again and asked how come. They told me the other $60 was sucked out of my deposit for that “Research Fee” for that mysterious research they did on me resulting in them closing my account — which I never had an idea of! Do they even have a right to charge me for something I wasn’t informed about? I didn’t ask to be researched on.


    Aside from failing to open a BoA account, they snatched $60 from me, wherein I should be getting $50 from their promo. In conclusion, I got nothing good out of Bank of America.


  2. 2 Roberto said at 9:30 am on April 22nd, 2009:

    Check out this funny video and logo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6hy4PBo4tE&feature=channel_page

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