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"You keep that sign up Avi" - Glenn Beck



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This site is dedicated to why Bank Of America sucks so much.

I made this site because Bank Of America made serious errors to my account on several occasions, amounting to several thousands of dollars. Since BOA was unwilling to resolve these issues, I posted a 1 x 10 foot sign on the side of my wall, which faces Bank Of America.
BOA’s response? They called the police.The police asked if it was my house, my wall and if I would take it down
I said Yes, Yes and NO
They said … Sounds good to me.
So I added a bigger sign.. One that made more of an impact. 2 feet high by 20 feet long
So one of BOA’s VP of marketing called me and asked me to take it down and he would resolve the issue and call me on monday. That was close to a 7 months ago.
Since then.. The reaction from everyone is GREAT… Apparently they have done similar things to scores of people.

The original 1×10 banner.. mysteriously disappeared.

A little more background::

I wrote a check to a contractor who was replacing a brick front. He was suppose to have pulled permits. Within 30 minutes of writing the check Lic & Inspections shut the job down. The inspector told me the front was not being built on a solid foundation (which ended up being correct), the guy was building it on the side walk.. He was suppose to have dug down and hit the foundation first. So that’s why I went to canceled it.

Let me get it clear. I have many problems with this bank besides this above encounter. This was the last straw. I will go into more detail about it later.(Friday).


I Just don’t hate this bank because of this instance. I want to make that very clear. This is a bank that makes a point to throw the average American under the bus. This is also the bank that supports the destruction of America by providing Illegal Aliens credit card accounts with no social security number needed. I come from an immigrant family. My Grandmother came here with her Mother. Our family needed to be sponsored and promise not to be a burden on society. We did not take welfare, even though we qualified for it. We value our opportunity here and have done very well for ourselves. Please make sure to read this article.

If you read the story on NBC “We are not happy that he’s not happy”…..”We respect his right to feel that way”. Do they? Do you show your respect by sending out police? Do you show your respect by calling the city and trying to get them to take it down. In Philadelphia, the city has the right to take it down after 3 inspections and charge you for it. I am press ready and if the City oversteps the constitution, I will make sure it is brought to public light.

Ps-PLEASE EXCUSE MY GRAMMAR!.. Wanna send it a revised copy.. I’ll post it! I admit it, I’m no where near perfect.

And Yes.. I do like some banks.. Like Third Federal Bank, the one that holds the accounts for my company.

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